Notes form people past 2

So I just got off work, came home and got on the computer. Haven’t done that in a while. Today I got two emails from people I haven’t heard from in forever. One was from my ex-girlfriend Ashley (she read my last post and decided to say hello) and my good ol’ friend Stella who is currently in Vietnam. I miss Stella, she used to be in Damn The Cow back in the day, she playing the trumpet, didgeridoo and various other things she found useful.

I suspect that my last post read a little on the gay side (someone told me this). After re-reading it, meh I guess it does. Sorry I can’t help that I’m excited to fit into a pair of jeans that is 4 sizes smaller then I have been able to wear in about 12 years. I’m not all ‘oh my god! Look at my ass in these jeans! I so can’t believe that these fit! My weight is so important! Fo sho!’ or anything, I just thought it was cool. Sorry all you homophobes out there, no gay bashing on me this time, this cats still straight. Also sorry all you gay people out there, but you can’t have me.

Also my cousin Joel emailed me today. That mother fucker needs to move back here or something. I miss partying with him and just in general hanging out and talking for hours with him. If you read this Joel get your black ass back here sometime.

and on that note I am going to bed. I like that I’m posting again, and hopefully I can keep it up like I used to. We shall see.


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2 thoughts on “Notes form people past

  • ryanstrong

    Holy shit, I need Stella’s email address dude.
    Also, we should hang out sometime. It’s weird for me, and I get all antisocial sometimes, but I really do want to be your friend again.