Jerry was a Janitor, he drew kind of ok but was published (to the tune of Primus)

There’s a janitor here named Jerry who always talks to me, the only problem is I only understand about a third of what he says. He was talking to me as I was typing the last part, I think about laptops and Photoshop. Of course very well could have been about cheese and nipple come.

I listened to some of the Fiona Apple Extraordinary Machine CD before I passed out at 9pm and like Dylan said a long time ago a lot of it has been remixed from the leaked version that was out a while ago. Some of it I like better some not, I’m still up in arms about it.

On another music note, I hate that we have satellite radio here. Well, I don’t hate it, but its annoying. Cause I don’t care what any satellite radio commercial says, they play the same 25 songs a radio station does, just with no commercials or DJS. I hear the same fucking songs every night. It’s gotten to where I can almost predict what is going to come on next. I really wish we where allowed to play CDs or tune it to a regular radio station. I would put it on 90.3 kexp, or put in some Johnny Cash or something. Oh that reminds me, I want to start dressing like the man in black and grow my hair like his and call my self ‘Johnny Broke’. Man, that’s not nearly as funny as it was in my head, oh well. Most people would delete it after realizing its not as funny as they thought, but not me! You get whatever I type.

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