Jan25th: Filth Flarrin Filth

Fuck fuck, mother mother fuck fuck, mother fuck fuck. Read that aloud to yourself, or to whoever is in the room. Make sure that when you read it, you put a nice cadence in your voice to denote a singing tone. That’s how I feel about last night and today. I’ve had a…I’m not going to say bad night and day, cause I honestly do not believe that it was bad, but I will say awkwardly discomforting last night and today. Would you like to know what happened? Sure you would! Your nosey like me and want to know every detail of my life!

What’s great about this first part is that the person who upset me last night reads this blog sometime! So what better way to find out you pissed someone off then by reading about it online! HAZZAH!!! Anyway, that wasn’t meant as a stab, just thought it was funny. Lately Kaylie, the kids and I have been going up to my parents house to have dinner most nights and afterwards we play a game, whether it’s a board game or a card game, then if it’s too late we just put Kodi to sleep in JT’s room on the floor and Jakob to sleep in the back bedroom, then we go to sleep upstairs in my old room. Well last night Mike came inside at bed time and I was putting Kodi to bed in JT’s room and he made a comment to me that I did not really appreciate. I don’t want to go into too much detail, because it is not needed, all I will say is it was enough for me to pack the kids up and just go home.
There’s a lot more stuff I want to talk about but I feel like a dog with a muzzle on, because I can’t. It’s nothing any of you give a shit about, it’s just things I want to get off my chest that are pissing me off. But I can’t write about them here because the people who I want to vent out about read this. And it’s not that I’m scared to piss people off, I do that every day. It’s just that they are family and I don’t want to create a rift. So I guess I’ll do the bigger man thing for now and just shut the fuck up.

On a totally different note I am SERIOUSLY thinking about bringing y2cl back to life. Looking at my website, the last strip I posted was April 16th, of 2006. Hopefully I can re-launch the strip before there is a year gap between them! My original thought awhile back was to start over…but fuck that, I’m just going to continue with the same numbering system, just like Marvel! Of course, to be like Marvel I have to start a new numbering system, then down the line go back to the old and then eventually put both numbers on each! But, meh eff that. I think after the wedding this will be one of my goals. I’ll make the wife hold me to it, tell her to deny me sex unless I finish a strip! That’s GREAT motivation!

Now time for my random web image: it’s 4:29pm…let’s see how long it takes me to find something.

I believe this one.(at 4:33pm)

Kinky cake anyone? (at :4:34pm)


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