Jan 20th: Things that….

At this very moment of typing this, but probably not the moment you read this, I happen to be one extremely pissed off person. Why might you ask is the ever vigilant and easy going J pissed off? We’ll I’m not going to tell you, I’m just going to vent.

So one thing that really irritates me is when I get hung up on. To me it is just the rudest and hurtful thing one can do while on a conversation. I’m not going to say who hung up on me, but they know who they are. I also really dislike it when someone gets super defensive and misinterprets or just flat out doesn’t listen to what you say and starts getting upset.
I think I’ll stop here because I really don’t want to type anymore on this subject, I just want to….I don’t know, go castrate myself or something as equally painless and fun.


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