Jack in the whoa I’m tired.

First thing I want to say tonight is thank you to Sarah for getting me Jack in the Box and bringing it to me at work. Even though it took me an HOUR to convince you to go do it. ?
Moving on. Elizabeth was here again when I clocked on. *shudder*. Sarah got to see her and she wasn’t to impressed, neither am I. Anyway she kept glancing at me hoping I would talk to her, which of course I didn’t. only when she came to the desk and asked “did you hang up on me up on me cause I heard the phone be answered then hung up” to which I said “uhh, my phones been acting up and I’ve been missing a lot of calls” Of course this is a big fat fucking lie and yes I did hang up on her.

Anyone reading this must be getting a bad impression of me, one of me being a jerk. Honestly I’m not. I am a very nice, sweet and caring guy, I just don’t feel the need to associate myself with someone like Elizabeth and I have a hard time straight up shutting someone down like that. I try to be nice and ignore them and hope it will go away. Which I think actually worked because she gave one of my regular customers (the two guys I told Sarah where gay, turns out they are not) her phone number. I found this out because after she left he came up to me and asked me about her, to which I promptly said “stay the fuck away”. What’s even funnier is right as I was typing this, the phone rang and it was her looking for this new guy. This makes me smile widely.

So I am extremely fucking tired tonight. Let me run you through why.
~worked last night 1am to 9am.
~breakfast with mom and sister at 9:45am
~Wall-Mart with mom at 11am
~mall with mom and dad at 1pm
~home from mall around 3:30pm
~band practice 6pm-9pm
~back to work 1am-9am
Now I am living on coffee until 9am(its 5am right now) at which point I want to go home and sleep, that would be the practical thing to do wouldn’t it? But is that what I’m going to do? By no means! I’m going to be going home and picking up my paycheck, that I foolishly left on my desk before coming to work) then go to the bank and deposit $260 of it into the business account (to pay for my IRiver) and the rest into my savings, which I am hoping I don’t spend much of. Then I will go home and pass out.

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