It’s Monday, and that means…

I feel like writing, that’s what it means.

So my b-e-a-u-tiful (thanks Bruce Almighty) wife and I have started this incredible new thing.

We started a daily email on why we love each other. So far it’s been a great way to have a good smile each day.

I wanted to share with you what I sent her today.

Kissing you is the greatest feeling
Always a kiss that is worth stealing
You excite me and entice me every day
Loving and lusting after you in every way
I always know that be belong together
Everyone is jealous of what we have for for each other
Making you get butterflies in your tummy tum tums
Always searching for new ways to have some funny fun fun
Resisting the urge to make a sex joke on that last line
It’s really hard not to, it must be a sign
Even though you would laugh and think it’s just fine
How can one person love you so deeply?
Only a fool could not see this love completely
Random thoughts of you bring me satisfaction
Seeing you gives my brain a chemical reaction
Lust and love flows through me like water
Essentially there is no one on earth that is hotter
You are the Ginny Weasley to my Harry Potter.

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