If it’s not one thing, it’s your mother. And I was on TGT.

Last Friday Jon Anderson, Joe Garcia and myself made an appearance on TGT Webcomics. I use the term ‘appearance’ loosely, as it was an entire show dedicated to us. Kurt was kind enough to do a late show for us West Coasters (and middle coasters for Joe) since doing his normal time would be damn near impossible for us. (I would still be having dinner with my wife and kids, Jon would probably still be doing somethings that Jon does, and Joe would be busy eating tacos.)

It was a good show, even though Kurt was so tired he sounds drunk. Granted, it was midnight his time and he had been up since 4:30 am, but still. He’s a drunk.

Kurt asked some really good questions and sort of threw me under the bus as a crazy creator that can’t stop himself and spits out to many ideas for any sane man to comprehend. While this may be true, (read: it IS true), I would like to say I was somewhat offended by his suggestion that I should lay off the crack pipe (read: don’t do drugs, drugs are bad mmkay). Even so, I realized that I kind of deserved it. I mean, nothing BAD was said (and you can listen for yourself on iTunes or on his site), but it was sort of an eye opener to something I was already aware of about myself. It would take an army to construct all the ideas I think about everyday.

Now please do not misunderstand what I’m saying, I don’t think they re all good idea. I’m just saying they are ideas. What’s the old saying, if you throw enough *blank* and the *blank* eventually you’ll get pregnant. Or something like that.

As always Kurt is a great host, but he did make one fatal error. He mentioned that if any of us ever wanted to we could come on to co-host TGT we are welcome to. Well Mr. Sasso, I accept your challenge. I will come co-host TGT. And it will be awesome.

Speaking of co-hosting, if you haven’t noticed yet there is a NEW episode of y2cl Radio online! Featuring Mr. Kurt Sasso as the co-host! Arne from Union of Heroes is our guest and we spent about 30 minutes talking to him about his amazing photo comic.

I’ve also included some images for your eyes to love.

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