Horsley, Ostley, Worsley…It’s all the same to me.

Apparently Ostly is an alternate spelling of Horsley and so is Worsley. So all you Ostley’s and Worsley’s out there, welcome to the family! Get your crazy card at the door.

For some reason today I became interested in google-ing my last name and seeing what I can find. Not sure why, but every now and then I feel like trying to find information about my family history. As with any family there are some pretty awesome things your can find out. Like how several of my ancestors where the High Sheriff of Northumberland, which apparently means they are the oldest secular office under the Crown. Basically they where the law in them thar territories. One of the times in history that the Horsley where on the right side of the law…at least on paper.

I found there is a jhorsley.com, which appears to be a guy who was learning to be a programmer but stopped blogging a few years ago. Interestingly there is a J Horsley in Utah that teaches communications. Robert J. Horsley Jr was arrested in Brazil for being drunk. Not as exotic as you might think, it’s Brazil, Indiana. Still, 18 and a drunk in public, it’s a good thing I never did that…

I also found out that I will never be as cool as this J Horsley. Because when asked if you are Gangasta or Punk, the most hard core awesome answer is always “C… Pritty boi thug”

There was more to this post, but it got deleted because I didn’t save it. So this is all you get. Love it.

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