hmm 3

guess who i hung out with again tonight. yup, if you are thinking ashley, then you are right. im still pretty confused about why this is happeneing. but i welcome her back into my life as s friend, she was always fun to hang out with.

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  • The Revenge Post author

    since a few people pointed out that God's text is hard to read, i will transcribe it for you.
    Panel 2: "Oh? you don't want to clean your room? You hews are all the same. all you do is complain! If youwould just do it and not bitch and moan we wouldn;t have these arguments."
    Panel 3: "And you wonder why you jews are the bitch horse of the world. Fine, I cast you out of paradise and intoa lifetime of punishment and harasment from those who you call friends"
    "Maybe that will teach them"