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what is it with manga/anime people and gay sex? everywhere i turn i see people writting/drawing fictional things of 2 anime guys getting it on. for example, im a member of the lower tadfield community, which is a Good Omens fanfic community, fun stuff. but when ever anyone post drawings, they are always of crowley and azerphale doing something rather gay together. never once in reading that story did i once think they where gay, could be gay, or had ever had the slight incling to munch on a boner. not that i have anything agaisnt gays at all, more power to them, honestly. its just realy tiresome to see much of anime/manga involving gay sex of two obviously straight characters. maybe its not that, maybe i just dont like people questioning the sexuality of Vash or Spike Spiegle, cause maybe it makes me question mine cause i might slightly like them….im straight, honest

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  • tiffangelwings

    Hey, it’s Tiffany got this from Kirsten
    d00d Spike is totally straight. They even cover that in the anime I mena look at Julia. ^^;
    But honestly I can’t say all that much since I do belong to a lot of yaoi communities, I do agree with you though, that some characters shouldn’t be put together just for the sake of smut or something.