fuck 17

that was a long day. got to OC at 8:30 got home at 6:30. and from here on it will be longer! got to remember to get sleep more the night before, and bring money to eat, that long and no food is not a good idea.

on a good side this girl in english class named Sasha kept looking at me, and she was beautiful. well, at least i think she was looking at me, it sured seem like it cause i kept making in contact with her, maybe she was wondering why i kept looking at her? but on a positive note to that after class i went tot he BSC and sat and wasted an hour and 45 minutes and she sat at the table in front of me, plenty of tables everywhere else, but she sat at the one in front of me. now im probably just doing some wishful thinking, but who knows. she does seem WAY THE FUCK out of my league though.

i saw alex today, talked with him for ahwile, that was nice.

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