Free Comic Book Day May 7th! 2

This seems to happen every year. Free Comic Book Day comes and I have seemingly forgotten about it. A few years ago I gave away a special edition of my first book in a PDF download and that went over pretty well. This year I think I am going to do something a little different. I am going to post a PDF download special edition of an unpublished book that will be on sale over at InkSpot comics later this year.

So for ONE WEEK you will be able to acquire a FREE copy of a yet to be released book!

That’s right folks, not only is it a free eBook, it’s not some cheesy little 12 page FCBD promo book, it’s a full blown 200+ page collected book! Free for ONE WEEK and one week only. After that it will go on sale in the InkSpot Comics web-store for $5.

Stay tuned!


Cover and Back Cover to "y2classics"

Cover and Back Cover to "y2classics"

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