final flight of the osiris 9

went and watched dream catcher tonight. good flick, weak ending. but, before the picture was a short, final flight of the osiris. theCGI film in the matrix universe. it kicked some hardcore fucking ass. cant wait till the new matrix movies and the animatrix DVD.

last night i went to rock n bowl. i kicked ass. 207, 193, 199, 190. even though i havnt been bowling in a long time, and rarely bowl anymore, i can still kick ass. i guess its jsut engraved into me. anyone wanna go bowl for money? 🙂

there where these 2 girls onthe lanes next to us that were dancing to every song, it was sort of kool. when the thong song came on later inthe night, these to girls let EVERYONE know they had thongs on. that was interesting. i would have shown them my thong, but it was to far up my ass to pull out. i did how ever show up the one girls boy toy. they where trying to bowl by throwing their balls between their legs(where else would they be?) of course they whre chumps and fucked it up everytime. so me being my smooth pimp daddy self go up there throw it between my legs, and it has a perfect arc and BOOM stirke, all 10 pins down. why? cause i rule. cause i am the shit, the mother fucking shit. but did i talk to the girls? nope. but they did smile at me, so thats good.

there was also this blonde girl there that probably had the largest tits i think i have ever seen in my ENTIRE life, in person that is. now im not a big tit guy, but damn. ive seen some large ones, but those where fake, these where real. she looked like a porn star.

no i am typing with my nose cause I rule, time to go

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