Feb 14 2007: Fo Sho. 1

So I’m sitting in the OC library working on a paper that was due, oh you know, February 5th. Today is the first day Kaylie and I have been in school in over 2 weeks. I really don’t see how we are going to pass any of our classes, but god damnit we are going to try. (funny side note, did you know that “damnit” is not a recognized word in MS word? Nor is it on dictionary.com) (EDIT: That’s because it is spelled dammit you idiot ~ me in 2011)
You may ask yourself, and rightfully so, “if you are so far behind, why for Jebus sake are you wasting time writing this? I always say if you ask I will answer, and since you asked here is my answer. I needed a short break from writing the essay. And since writing for all of you comes naturally and takes me mere minutes to fill a page, I figured this would be a great way to miss-use some time.

In other news, there are photos from my wedding up, go take a look. Kaylie and I bought a king size bed, how fucking radzor is that? It is so freakin’ amazing to be able to sleep in a bed where my feet DON’T hang off the edge. And this bed is super comfortable as well as Kaylie and I have SO much room its great. Have at this point not yet tested out its full potential…but will do soon.

And now, some items of fun for my wife


I love you baby! Happy Birthday!


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