Dec26th. This has Nothing to do with X-Mas

Another night, another several hours wasted without Kaylie. I spent half of it up at my parents house and half of it at home cleaning. There was this brief period of time where I went to take Kodi to Aunt Tamy’s, then to pick up Kyle, Kamren and his friend Jacob only to take Kyle to his friend David’s house. Funny thing that was, I backed into a thunderbird and set off its alarm then speed away in glory. The highlight of the night was stopping by the bowling alley at 8pm to surprise Kaylie and give her a kiss on her lunch break. Then I came home and cleaned some more. Now I’m writing this then going to clean more. God damn this is a boring post, haha. Sorry about that. Maybe tomorrow I will write something interesting, for now I will download porn or something.


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