Deadpool should be a public domain character.

Ok, hear me out.

Deadpool is very much a self aware character, right?

The movie already proves that he is aware of the “real world” but also aware of the “other” Marvel Universe movies. He’s aware of the DC Universe. He’s aware of the actor who is playing him and aware that he is a comic book character in a movie played by a guy who played him previously. He is the ultimate fan service character.

This also makes him the best character out there to just show up in other stories. Like how great out it be for Deadpool to show up as a cameo character in Suicide Squad? Or show up in some screw ball comedy? I know the IDEA of him being in other stories might diminish the story that story is trying to tell, but I think with good writing that can be handled.

There is a reddit thread about Deadpool showing up in Civil War at the Avengers tower just getting coffee or something in the background. In the scene Spider-Man is by the window and Deadpool goes to the window and says “Spidey! Trust fall!” then falls out the window. As he hits the ground you hear “the hell Parker!?”. Beautiful and a simple background thing that would speak so much to the fans.

I don’t know, I just think Deadpool should belong to the world. He should show up in other comics, in webcomics, in TV Shows. Just make Ryan Reynolds life from now on playing Deadpool in all media.

Let’s start a movement. #deadpooleverywhere

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