Dark Cloud 2 – A review I didn’t want to do

Dark Cloud 2

~8.6 out of 10
From SCEA comes the sequel to the beloved original Dark Cloud where you had to rebuild your tattered world. This one pulls a lot from the original but still has enough in it to make it less more of the same old shit and more reinventing the same old shit. The cell shaded graphics are smooth and look wonderful, the whole concept and little side games are fun (i.e. take a picture of Claire because your best friend asks you to and so on) and the camera angles don’t make you want to bash baby seals. In other words this is an all around good game, but mostly only if you liked the style of the first one. If you hated that one then you will mostly hate this one, even with its added cuteness of the characters in a rich cell shaded environment. Graphic flaws would be there is some “draw-in” in the town areas and some characters have features that don’t match. An example is one of the bosses has a mustache and when he talks his lips go up inter his ‘stache, but that’s not much to gripe about now is it? One of the better sequels to a game I’ve seen, but again if you didn’t like the first one do not pick this one up.

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