Damn The Cow plays with Project 9 and Outpatient

After I got off work I went and did a little Christmas shopping and bought myself a new Johnny Cash CD (Orange Blossom Special if you care) when my mom called and invited me to brunch at Hakatas, so despite being dead dog tired I went because I love that place. I ended up getting to sleep around 1:00pm and had to wake up around 4:40pm or so to go to Sizzler for my dad’s birthday dinner. Then I went home and packed the van up for our show at ‘Old Town Pub’ in Silverdale.

We played with Project 9 and Outpatient. Project 9 went on first and played an awesome set complete with an awesome cover of ‘Ace of Spades’. We followed and played a pretty good set I would say, and so would the people who where there and they did.

Played another show tonight at Hansens that went less as gooder.

Ok so that sums up Friday and the show Saturday night. Work that night I was half an hour late due to the show and having to work at midnight and not 1:00am. But honestly, what the fuck ever Roger was here until 1am anyway so it really didn’t fuckin matter. It’s not like I was even here for any reason at fucking all Saturday night since Kip came in 1am-9am anyway so basically I was working just to keep myself at 40 hours. It was a relatively quiet night but kept busy all night so that was nice, helped the time fly by.

I left about 10 minutes early, though I told Angela I would come say bye to her and I didn’t, hopefully she isn’t made at me. Then again, what the fuck ever. After I left work I drove up to Port Angeles for travel league. I bowled all right after a rocky 135 start, I think I ended up averaging around 195 for the 6 games so not so bad there. There was NO oil out there so the ball was hooking like mad. Al’s hot as the sun girlfriend Tera was there and so was Jeff’s girlfriend Sonja, I felt so left out. It was fine though, I just kept acting gay towards Al and Jeff to make their girlfriends wonder about them.

On the drive back home I stopped at this Antique store and bought myself a new cigarette case wallet (that Sarah says is very fem) and a Shirley Temple Ideal doll for my mother for Christmas. I finally got home around 6pm, extremely tired and I was planning on helping my mother with the Christmas tree and with setting up her new Kodak digital camera with printer dock but was ordered to go to bed and get sleep. Not to say I was tired after my 25 hour adventure, but I slept from 6:30pm Sunday until 1:30pm Monday. God damn did I feel well rested when I finally got up. Didn’t really do much today just puttered around the house, unloaded the band gear from the van, went to class found out I have a 3.9 so far and even if I get a 0 on the final I will pass the class with a 2.1 or so and then came home for band practice. Band practice went well, not so much in practicing our current songs but in writing new ones and adding parts to others to make them more kick ass. I swear once we get really tight on our shit we will fucking own this music scene. I’m so into the shit we play it’s unreal. People keep asking me who we sound like, and honestly I couldn’t tell you, this is why you should come to our shows and tell me so I can tell them.
Speaking of shows, there is a good chance we will be playing at Rush’s on Saturday so if we do you should all come out and chant DAMN THE COW so we look like we have fans. You don’t have to actually mean it, but maybe if you start it others will follow since we are all sheep. I will keep you updated on this show, since it will probably be all ages COME.

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