JMK 7.0

I still miss you man. I can’t believe it’s been 7 years.

JMK comics of the past:

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4 thoughts on “JMK 7.0

  • Kristeen Kingsbury

    Kim and I don’t get along anymore, for very detailed reasons. However, I have her information if you want to get ahold of her. I’m sure she would love to talk to you. She misses him so much, like we all do.

    (address and phone number removed for privacy)

    • jhorsley3 Post author

      I understand a little why you two don't get along, I don't really get along with her either for various other reasons. I have not talked to her since the funeral. Last thing I heard from her was some very un-kind things she said to my mother.

      That said, I still love her as a sister and wish her well.

      She called my mom yesterday after you showed these to her and said she liked it. I may give her a call someday, but honestly I'm not sure what I would say to her.

  • Kristeen Kingsbury

    I wish I could help you out in that arena. I think the easiest thing to find common ground on would be Jerimy, and if it grows from there it grows and if it doesn't at least you tried. She and I don't get along for reasons that involve respect, Jerimy, Audrey, and my right to my life my way. It's sordid. However I have and always will wish her well in her own endeavours. I hope she was kind to your mom. And I think what you're doing for Jerimy is amazing… he would say it totally rocks lol =)