ECCC Day 3 with Kaylie!

Today was so much fun. Any day I can spend with Kaylie is a great one.

Kaylie spent some time talking with Chad Hardin, the artist on the solo Harley Quinn comic. He was nice enough to do a small Harley Quinn sketch on one of the covers for Tegan and signed all of her books!

We both spent time talking with Gail Simone. Probably opened up a little too much about our family, by the end she knew about all our kids and asked us to bring them all by tomorrow so she could meet them. She is so nice and awesome. This is the second time I’ve talked with her at a convention, but Kaylie’s first. She’s amazing.

I also got to meet one of the creators I admired as a child, Karl Kesel. We talked to him about our kids as well and asked that we bring them by tomorrow for him to meet them all. He too was amazingly nice. It was nice to meet the creator of Superboy (Conner Kent) and Killer Shark and have him be such a nice guy.

One more day!


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