Comic Con part three: Movies i saw previews of that you didnt, punk

Now I will spend some time and give you all the information on movies that are coming out that I learned while at the con.

Ghost Rider~ I was a little leery about this at first but holy shit it looks fucking great. The panel I sat in on where MSJ and Nicolas Cage where talking about the movie sort of re-assured me about the flick. They made it sound good and not super campy. Though Nick Cage did seem like he was a little high and/or drunk for the panel, which I thought was just…well just super. They showed some never-before-seen footage of the flick that looked pretty awesome, but left me with the taste of “well this could rule or be shit” in my mouth. Granted I will still go see it regardless, but I still hold strong to my reservations.
oh yeah, the cutest thing happened in this panel. A little boy about 7 years old gets up to the microphone and asks Nick Cage “Mr Cage, I was wondering if you know what this movie will be rated because I really want to see it!” they all laugh a little then Nick Cage says “Well, this movie will have a pg-13 rating.” To which the kid gave a look on his face like he just won the kickball championships, it was fucking adorable.

Grind House~This is Tarentino and Rodriguez’s new flick. At first I honestly had no idea what the fuck it was but once they started explaning how it was a throw back to the old 70’s exploitation films that revolved around…well very little plot and random useless action, I became intrigued. Then when they told me it was a double feature, two complete films back to back for one movie ticket complete with fake movie trailers in-between I became extremely intrigued. I wont say much more about this but what they showed gave us a glimpse into what was in store for us with this film. Imagine Rose McGowin missing a leg and in the spot of that leg is an army grade machine gun with a grenade launcher. Enough said.

Hot Fuzz~Those sassy brit boys that brought us “Shaun of the Dead” are back with a new cop action movie called “Hot Fuzz”. I’m sorry, I have to stop back here a minute and laugh at myself. That first sentence was entirely to much like an opening sentence to a cheesy review from some crappy magazine and/or newspaper. Back to the point, it looks fucking funny as shit. Same vein as “Shaun of the Dead” but with cops.

Spider-Man 3~So Sam Raimi and some executive producer chick walk out to the podium and start reading off of note cards. Sam speaks about the film then the lady says “Sam I really don’t want to read this, they will murder me. Why did you have to give me this part to say” in which Sam replies “for those reasons!” she proceeds to tell us that there is no Spider-Man 3 footage to show us because they just finished physical shooting a week or two prior and there simply wasn’t enough time to put anything together. The crowd boos and hisses and she runs away and hides. Of course this is hoax as Sam goes to the mic and says “But this is comic-con! We can’t show up with out anything to show you!” crowd goes ga-ga and Mr Raimi reminds us that its all early rough stuff and it was put together specially for Comic Con eyes only and nothing in what we are about to see is final. To a hoard of adoring applause the dim the lights and show us a sneak peak at Spider-Man three. The room is silent. Venom comes on screen in the last 1 seconds in full force and it fades to black and the crowd goes fucking ape shit. Seriously it was one of the coolest moments in the con as far as seeing something you didn’t expect to see. I mean they showed us what venom will look like in the film, granted only for a second or two and it was still rough, but holly crap on a stick if the film holds true to what they showed and they continue to improve on Venom like he said they where, Spider-Man 3 could be witness to the largest fan boy jerk fest on opening night seen this side of Baghdad. One little side story about this panel a little girl asked “if you could have one super power what would it be?” they where all shy to answer…oh I should mention who was there at the panel before I finish this story. It was Kirsten Dunst, The chick that’s playing Gwen Stacey, Thomas Haden Church, Sam Raimi, Toher Grace, and Tobey McGuire. Ok, back to the story. The whole panel was reserved about what to say until Thomas Haden Church spoke up and said “I would have the power over Corn and be the Corn Cob Goblin! FEAR ME!” No need to say this but everyone laughed. Tobey McGuire proceeded to list off Superman’s powers then shyaway from Sam Raimi. Which also reminds me of a kid asking the cast what comics they read growing up. Tobey McGuire admitted he never read them until he was cast then he read all the old 60’s comics. When he said this Sam Raimi had this look of utter shock on his face staring over and Tobey. He said “What? You told me you where a HUDGE fan of the comics! I said Death of Gwen Stacey and you told me the issue number and we talked about the politics in the…what? I cant believe this!” Tobey responded with “shhh im trying to be the big movie star guy here! Sheesh!” good stuff. Anyway, looks great.

The Spirit~If you don’t know who Will Eisner is then you probably have no idea who The Spirit is. The Spirit is a comic book character dating back to the 1940’s that was created, written and drawn by Will Eisner for many many years. In fact he was doing Spirit stories up until he died a few years back. There have been many attempts to turn this character into a movie but all where turned down until now, when they got Frank Miller to write and direct the movie. Read the book Eisner/Miller if you want to find out why Frank Miller is the perfect choice for this. Otherwise just wait for the film and be in awe about how good it will probably be.

300~Have you seen ‘Sin City’? You liked that one didn’t you? Well then Frank Millers next graphic novel to film movie will stroke everyway including sideways. The trailer they showed for 300 was one of the most amazing pieces of cinematic epic’s that could ever possibly be shown into a 3 minute trailer. If the whole movie is half as intense and amazing and visually jerk-me-off-ish as the trailer there will be men all over the country screaming in orgasmic ecstasy and wasting billions of little could be babies in their under-roes. Oh I also won a ticket to get a poster signed by the main actor Gerald something or another as well as the director and shit, sweet stuff.


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