Chinese Food, Shows and pool

So thanks to my parents here at work tonight I have Chinese food to eat. They went out to eat while I was sleeping last night and picked me up an entire dinner to bring here and eat. Now I know I will be paying for this later on in the form of massive diarrhea (Chinese food always does that to me) but sometimes it’s just so good I don’t care. Or on a night like tonight I am just so incredibly hungry that I will sacrifice the water butt for something to eat. I just love how I am talking about the rear end chocolate fountain as I am drinking a cup of hot chocolate, mmm mmm mmm nigga, that’s some good shit.

I bought some new sexy shoes, they look like this. I expect them to get me laid several times. Ladies, the line forms to the right.

Last night I woke up with an incredible idea for a story, but I was way too lazy to write it down and fell back asleep. Now I can’t remember what it was. Gah, this pisses me off so much. I should put a notepad and paper next to my bed for just such an occasion. I’ll do that after I clean up my bedroom and get things in there put away. I swear that’s always the first room in my place to get messy.

Barbara gave me a call today around noon to tell me that if I wanted a free Subway to come in since she worked today and pick it up and that she worked until 8pm. So I finished up what I was doing at the house, went to Target because I needed to pick up some headphones (finally found a decent pair for only $15 too) and I ended up also buying a new wireless keyboard and mouse set up as well as 40 year old Virgin on DVD, spending around $100, which I completely blame on Barbara because I wouldn’t have even gone to town if she hadn’t offered me free Subway.

After Target I went to Subway where she worked to get my free sandwich and I chuckled to myself a little because you couldn’t see her or her co-worker (whose name I believe is Terra) from behind the counter. Well when I got there the two girls in front of me let me go first since they thought I was super hot. Ok, you are right that’s totally not true, they let me go first because they had like 10 orders and I had one. Anyway, Barbara’s co-worker Terra (if that’s not her name I’m sorry) starts making my sandwich and holy shit on a shingle was she slow. I don’t think she knew who I was so I am pretty sure she wasn’t just being slow because she knew I was the asshole who flamed Barbara on the internet but god damn I could have dug to China by the time Barbara took over to finish the sandwich. She did give me some sly glances and a wink which I thought was just special since e was rather cute with her lip piercing (which would have been a nose piercing since my memory is failing me right now) and we all know how sexy those piercing are. So I got my sammich and went home to eat it.

A little while later I get a call from Barbara and apparently she wanted to ask me something before I left. I just left cause they had a bazillion orders coming up and frankly I like to eat my subs at home. Anyway she invited me to the Holidazzle at the fairgrounds with her and Krista (you will remember her as Barbara’s friend from the DTC show that I thought was cute and gave my phone number to via Barbara). Now I thought this was very sweet of her given what has happened recently. I had to decline since I would be asleep during the time of this event, but I did warn them that the Holidazzle is a mind-numbingly dull event but if I wasn’t needing to sleep I would go.
Turns out when I get to work they where here bowling. Apparently they didn’t go based on me telling them of its impending dullness and went to go see King Kong instead, only Krista seems to have a similar problem with reading movie times that I do and they didn’t see it. Also Barbara hit a car in the parking lot because she hit the gas instead of the brakes, which she blames on Krista because they had to go to the Poulsbo Theater. End of story I actually talked to Krista a little and I think she might now know I’m not a complete jackass, only partial. She was looking cute though.

Oh yeah, on my way to work tonight I totally got pulled over. My charming good looks scaled me past a ticket, that plus I heard through his radio of a stabbing in progress, so that probably helped a little. Apparently I turned without signaling and turned on a red light. Well it had JUST turned red and I turned RIGHT and I swear I signaled, I ALWAYS signal. Whatever, I didn’t get a ticket that’s all that matters. The funniest part is that right prior to this I was thinking “man I haven’t been pulled over in awhile.” I just love how fate cock checks you every now and then.

Sarah called to invite me to play pool with her, Dylan and Archelle tonight. I didn’t go because she woke me up and I was damned if I was going to miss any precious sleep last night. Later on she calls me and informs me that they are going to come bowling, which is cool. Only when they get here Sarah and Archelle go play in the Casino and Dylan is left to fend for himself. And when they where finally done they only played half a game and then left. Punks. Next time I make them pay.


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