cause i cannot keep this to myself 3

i am meeting a guy in seattle on wednesday at 1pm to discuss a deal to work for Graphic Features. An Adult comic company/website. basically i would to pick up work. i would start by designing 5 logos, doing animated gifs, side by sides, and some photo manips. the down side? i have to drive to queen anne north. the up? i get free pass on to the adult section of the website and all access to all photo shoots that are held. plus a free ticket to the San Diego Comic Con, and i get to design a large banner with the girls on it and sign it for auction and meat all the models.

i think im going to do it. its a paying gig. i would start with a $400 flat fee to do all the first things, and after that be paid certain for various things. basically i would be his go to guy.

now im not big on porno or adult websites, but you know, its money, its work in art, and its a paying gig. it will get me in the door. and its not like its hard core porno comics, theres no sex from what i understand. and it should be fun. ill post more about it when i know.

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