Batman v Superman: Review Part Two

So I calmed myself down and went and saw the movie again. This time I took 4 of my 5 kids. This time I didn’t let the critics cloud my enjoyment of the movie.

Now, it’s not perfect. It’s not the greatest movie ever. However, it’s not deserving of all the shit reviews it’s getting.

Here is a quick run down of the reviews from my kids:

Kodi (13): It was cool, the fight scenes where awesome!

Jakob (10): It was cool! Lex was cool!

Saidey (8): I liked when Batman saved the girl in the beginning!

Tegan (5): I liked it when Wonder woman showed up!

So there are 5 positive reviews for you from a group of kids that loved it.

I’m still torn on it though.

I liked it a lot more the second time, but it does have some holes. Before I talk more about them .


So I feel like both the nightmare scene, with the Flash cameo and the cameo’s of Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg would have worked way better as mid and / or after credits scenes. In the movie they feel very out of place and disconnected from the movie. Put them at the end and it makes it so much better. Also, I got this idea from the DC Marvel Battlecast review I listened to today. Go check it out here. But they make a great point. Move these scenes to the end and they become amazing teasers for Justice League and are no longer middle of the movie pieces that are neat, but don’t fit at all.

I think they use of the Martha names was a little silly. I get it, they set it up from literally the first scene of the movie. I get they needed a reason to stop fighting. But did we really need a Step Brothers moment? “Did we just become best friend?!” Makes for great meme material.

All in all after I’ve seen it twice, I did really enjoy it. I think the DC movies are so easy to tear apart because the characters are not only iconic but they are over 75 years old. The trinity has been in publication since the late 1930’s with stories and characteristics that have evolved over the last 8 decades. “But John, Captain America, Namor and The Human Torch are all 75 years old! What about how well they played Captain American in the movies?” Think about it, all those characters have huge gaps in their publication and drastic changes to literally who they are and what they are. there has never been a stop in publication for Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman. This, I think, makes them so hard to translate. Everyone has a different view on what these characters should be.

I’m not saying I agree with the dark and gritty take BvS took, because I think they are a little too dark. However, after much talk and consideration I did enjoy the movie and am really looking forward to the next one. Could this have been better? Absolutely. I think this movie will get better with Justice League just like Man of Steel got better with this movie.

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