Barbara, Jamie, Angela and Roy

So Barbara the janitor girl likes to come up and sit on the floor behind the desk and talk to me. I spend my time while she is up here tearing her apart on things she says in the wrong context and such. That brings me joy, but it brings me sadness that she bothers me so and will not leave me alone. This short paragraph is all I am going to write on this subject since she does not eve deserve this much of my time.


Like clockwork, it must be 7am because Angela just came to the desk to say hello, and she brought me a McDonald’s hash brown. She is fun to talk to, and like I said before gives me something to do with my last two hours, though today and yesterday she was working at 7am so I only get to talk to her for a few minutes before she has to go into the restaurant to work. She also gave me a free hot chocolate and that rules. It’s too bad she’s 16 and I feel guilty talking to he when her dad walks by.

So there is a server in the restaurant named Jamie, yes she is cute but that is besides the point, and she has found a new hobby in prank calling me at the front desk.

Yesterday she called about 25 times and just hung up, watching me from the lanes as I answered the phone. Don’t worry fellow readers, I figured out it was her pretty quick but I am required to answer the phone so I was stuck getting hung up on a lot. Tonight however she was much more clever (word is now telling me that I should be saying “much cleverer”, but that just sounds silly) and have to give her credit for that. She called a few times asking if I have 10 pound balls and how I put my pants on and such. I answered each question she asked and as per usual managed to confuse her about her own call and make her laugh profusely. At one point she says “I have one more question for you, where do…oh nevermind” to which I question and asked what she wanted to know and she replied with “Well I was going to ask where you work, but it’s the bowling alley” to which I told her that that is just a silly question to ask, especially since she called me. It was good fun.

This continues on until around 4am. Around 3 or so I acquired her cell phone number and began to return the favor, having four lines to call out on plus other peoples cell phones is fun, and makes for hours of entertainment. The fun ended when she called after she left and chit chatted a little about nothing a then says “Well, I just wanted to tell you that you suck.” No worries kiddies, I replied with “Is that all? You really should think of something that’s cleverer then that. Why don’t you hang up and call me back when you think of something a little better then that.” Which stumped her and she said “oh all right.” laughed. Said bye. End of phone cranking fun.
I’m sure this will happen again tonight.


Every morning Roy Pierce, the head of security and Angela’s father, comes to the desk to check his box to see if there is any mail in it. There never is. I feel bad for him, and some night when I don’t work I am going to put a note in his box that says “HI!.”

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