August 4th: The one about the Girls in my life 5

So I have been without internet for awhile now and just got it back tonight. Let me fill you in a little on what has been going on in my life, because I know you all care so fucking much. Hell, you are reading this so you must right? Let us start with… well beginning of what has made my recent life so interesting.

You all know about Jennifer, so I won’t even go there. I will say that I feel a sense of relief that she is no longer my girlfriend, I think we are both in a better place. But they DAY she left for Ohio my ex-girlfriend Ashley e-mailed me then called me a few days later. Same day my friend Kathie calls me, as well as Kirsten. Funny I thought, but cool. Yadda yadda moving on.

Jennifer cheats on me and we break up. I go on vacation and have a fucking wonderful time. Ashley texts me the whole time I’m down there and eventually starts dating my so-called best friend Jeff. Needless to say I haven’t been talking to him much, though I still talk to her about once or twice a day, odd I know.

I get home from vacation and this girl from work Kate starts talking to me about her ad her boyfriend, or future ex-boyfriend as her and I have come to call him. I feel, as well as others, that she has developed a little thing for me. This is cool, but there’s more.

There is this girl Michelle who lives up in Everett that I have known for a year and a half know, met her through Ryan’s cousin Ashley. Well I hung out with her, spent the night, we cuddled and kissed and all was grand. I do like her but I don’t think I could handle the distance if I was to date her. Which sucks because she is very very cool.

Thursday night I was at work and there was this Mexican couple (I thought) sitting at the bar looking at me for a few hours. They looked familiar, but then again I was just in San Diego and they all look the same. Well about three hours after they got there the guy comes up to me and says in a very thick Mexican accent “This might sound weird, but my friend, she says…she says she loves you!” to which I responded “haha, really? Tell her to talk to me” About 30 minutes later I go outside the west entrance to talk to her. Well I go up and say hello to which she said to the Mexican dude to come translate for her because, that’s right folks, SHE DOESN’T SPEAK ANY ENGLISH!!!! I thought right there, oh this will be fun. She starts talking to me, through the dude, about how she loves me and wants to be with me. How it doesn’t matter that we can’t talk to each other lover knows no language. Oh boy Nelly this ones a dozy! I’ll skip the pleasantries and get to the good stuff. The night ended with her and I making out after I got off work. After we kissed she said through the dude “be my girlfriend?” and I responded with “nope.” She got sad, we kissed again and she said “thank you” in English. Oh yeah, and she would say in English “I love you baby, you and me!” over and over. It was funny.

The next night is the tricky one. A few months ago this girl got a job in the cage at work. Needless to say I thought she was very cute so I got to know her. Even when I was with Jennifer, I had no intentions of getting to know her that way because she was with someone and so was I, but I soon learned she was a really cool person. The stuff with Jennifer happened and said girl and I started talking more. We hung out one night while she went to go pick up her kids in Seabeck and then again last Wednesday. Now last Wednesday was the fun and interesting one. Her and her boyfriend went on a break because they where fighting a lot and what not…and she had developed feelings for me, and yes, the feelings where mutual. We ended up watching Madagascar in my room because Barbara had conveniently broken the DVD player in the living room, and said girl made the comment “we are watching it in here?” as in “lets watch it in your room” in a round about way. I was not complaining one bit and took the movie and her in there. We cuddled because well that’s where it always starts. We got through half of the movie then gave in to the not kissing game. We didn’t do much more then that, but that was enough to get one going. Mighty good kisser she is. We stopped because she made a promise to her boyfriend/ex boyfriend she was on a break with not to do anything until they figure things out. So we stopped there.

Last night she and her boyfriend had a talk and decided they where going to try and work things out. Sucks for me, but most things usually do. Oddly this felt worse then finding out Jennifer cheated on me. So yet again I’m left aloft on the sidelines to watch as everyone else has a good time. This is me cheering you on from the bleachers while you run the distance. We could have been great.

We still talk and are going to be friends still because she is really cool and I would hate to lose her as a friend. But her boyfriend has barred us from hanging out. Understandable because her and I are not ‘safe’ together unattended, haha. Oh well, I could always try to play the waiting game! But it’s not my place to step between people, and I won’t. As always I wish her the best of luck and a happy life in what ever she chooses, just don’t stop talking to me.

Back to Michelle, I do like her but the distance would kill the relationship. I feel her and I could be good together but it’s just not meant to be…at least not right now. She is a very sweet girl and I do not want to hurt her, but I think the distance thing would hurt more in the long run. That’s all I’m going to say about that right now.

I’ll post more in another update but I think this is sufficient for now. I think I will go and work on the next Comic-Con post.


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