aug20: freak animal attacks! EEEEKKKK!!!! 1

This seems to be a trend. I keep having a series of eventful nights. Not that I am complaining at all, but none the less I feel a trend, haha. So the

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master-plan (thanks Kaylie, now I’m saying it) for last night was to have people over, cook dinner and watch Yojimbo. What ended up happening was Barbara and I cooked dinner while music was playing then ended up drinking and having an impromptu party with Kaylie, Briana, Marti, Jackie, Barbara and myself, which ended up being great fun. Except of course Barbara being completely anti-social and staying on the computer most of the night until she eventually ditched us all to go over and hang out with Rachel. I guess Rachel is just so much cooler then us! Well she is pretty damn cool I will give her that.

So yeah we all had a magical fun time. Marti kept disappearing and reappearing from some weird dimensional void that popped up in my room next to the bookshelf. Briana had a few drinks of “Blue Boar”, which I thought tasted like just about what a blue boar’s saliva would taste like. Of course that didn’t stop me from drinking several of them. I have no idea what time it was, but eventually Briana, Marti and Jackie all left and it was down to just Kaylie and I for awhile until Barbara returned from her outwards adventure away from us to go to, as Rachel called it, “a bitching house party.” So I take it a “bitching house party” is one in which you play rummy and have a few drinks with one person and their adorable boy. I never get invited to these kinds of parties! It’s ok though, because what happened next topped the bitching house party…at least from my perspective.

So around 2am or so I was viciously attacked but some weird animal.

This struggle lasted until about 4:30 in the morning during which I was slammed against a wall, was the recipient of some nice bruises along my chestoidial area and each of my nipples are a little sore. It was the best animal attack I have every been through. And on a completely unrelated note, check out these little drawings Marti, Briana and I put onto Kaylie’s arm and back prior to this attack.

That is all for now, it is now time for me to get ready for work and then work until 2am like a punk. After work I might be going somewhere, maybe…fun….we shall see.


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