Aug10th2006: Psst…theres a black guy in this one. 1

So anyone who reads this on and got a smattering of tities on their screen yesterday before I changed it and put it behind an lj-cut I am very sorry for that. I meant to put it all behind a cut, but I was tired and just didn’t. Big sorry to oneonthefence.
So I gave a guy a ride home from work tonight, a customer that frequents the place. Now keep in mind I drive a Pontiac Grand Prix GT, good

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sized car. This dude barely fit in the fucking car and had a hell of a time getting out. He had to literally force his head out, which was stuck on the ceiling. My car tilted when he sat down and did the comical rocking when he got out. He claims he owns a drag car that costs $100,000. he also claims he got it up to 260mph. If there is a vehicle that can make this man move at 260mph, it could break the sound barrier with a normal sized person. He’s a nice guy, he just needs to lose some fucking weight. For $100,000 he could have had gastric bypass surgery.
If anyone cares my life is still as hectic as ever. I myself do not like drama, but it seems to follow me where ever I go. I swear I’m a fucking drama queen….or king I guess since I do have a penis. I honestly do not like it, at least when it involves me so closely. It just seems where ever I turn is more shit happening that involves me that I’m supposed to somehow handle and deal with. Like my sister is still all about her fucking self, she uses the death of her two boys to get a pity party for her, make everyone focus on her so she gets the attention and the “oh I feel so sorry for you, it must be hard”’s that she wants. Don’t get me wrong, I feel bad for her for losing two boys, but for fucks sake he killed himself 3 years ago and the other one died about 12 years ago. It’s not like you where very nice to him to begin with! Love her to death but I’m tired of it. I also hope she never reads this, haha.

As fare as my female situation….not sure what’s going on there. Might just swearoff girls all together and become a monk….or gay, which ever takes less effort.
I have a lot of thoughts about my future right now, but I will save that for tomorrows post since it will probably be a long one and I don’t want to make these any longer then they have to be.

That being said, peace out niggas


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One thought on “Aug10th2006: Psst…theres a black guy in this one.

  • oneonthefence

    Hey, no worries. Things are fine, and I'm not fired, so, all is well:)
    And, see, then when I went home I got to look at titties, so, how could I be upset?;)
    And it takes less effort to be a monk. If you were gay, MORE girls would want to hang around you. All girls want the stereotypical gay friend. So, monk it is!