Attack of the Assholes…. 2

So some of you might have seen that ALL of my sites went down for about 24 hours. I have since worked hard to get them all back up. So yay for that and fuck you to who ever tried to kick my sites with a virus.

On another note…I’m putting Furry Animal Magic, Inanimate, Sergent Blinky and The Skit and Skat Show! on hold until September. My decision to do this does not come lightly. As anyone who knows me knows that I live to create comics. Hence why I post them 7 days a week. That is going to stop for a little while. For the summer For The Reels will update on Mondays, the new and improved y2cl will run on Wednesdays and I will blog on Fridays. You will get three updates a week from

The reason for this? Partially life, partially I’m burnt out from life, partially I want to focus on the main three comics and partially cause after one thousand comics I need a break of some sorts.

I plan to re-open them and post with them again in September but for now, it’s time to focus some.


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