ardus sucks 3

well we played a show last night. 3 fucking hours we played. 3 sets. we played like shit. but everyone who was there said it sounded really good, fucking drunk people. but hey, kool. i broke a string on the bass. in the second verse of ‘take the skinheads bowling’ the strap fell off my guitar, but i didnt drop the bass, i kept playing and doing the back up singing while holding the damn thing, that hurt. so i had to play the rest of the night with 3 strings after i broke it, that was challenging, but it worked ok, kind of hurt at parts, but oh well.

i drew a picture of calvin, but the waitress threw it away, bitch. i started drwing a picture on his hand, but his skin didnt like the ink, so i ended up drawing a picture on this girl april’s hand, the ink drew nicley on her skin.

i got home at like 3am or something, called thea, put the soda i bought in to my fridge, then went to bed. then i got up, cause my sister made me, at like 10:30 or something, for breakfast and my aunts birthday.

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