April 6th: News to you.

So fuck stick on a…a…well, hmm…a stick, for lack of a better word. This morning I was awaken from my slumber by my mother calling me saying “they will be here in an hour! We need to steak out the edges of the building.”
That probably doesn’t make any sense to anyone, so let me take you back a little bit and explain. We are building a new building for the business on the other side of my parents house and have been waiting for MONTHS for the company that is building it to get off their ass and get out here to put it up. They kept delaying and then saying the 16th of this month, yadda yadda. Then all of a sudden BAM NIGGA BAM!!! Today’s the day they start! Not that I am complaining about this one bit! The sooner this building goes up the sooner we empty the garage. The sooner we empty the garage, the sooner Kaylie and I can start remodeling the upstairs into our 3 bedroom, 1 bath 1100 square foot apartment.


In the mean time I have been keeping busy this week with yard work and such. I also started to empty out Grama’s house of our stuff so we can get it all up here. Space is limited here, but Kamren and I have moved a lot of stuff around to get room up here for storage.


I know that last paragraph isn’t a very good one, but I really do not wish to fix it. I know I started with the subject of yard work then quickly moved into moving personal belongings with no sort of segue, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles nigga.



If you have ever been to the property where we live then you know that there is a LARGE section of scotch broom in the back that has been looming over us for years. I would like to announce to the world that about 40% of it has now been burned like German books in the 40’s. Coming up soon will be the demise of the REST of it! We plan to turn it into a giant three level yard for the kids to play in. It should be done by summers end.

peace out homies.



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