ANOTHER DC Relaunch?

yodawg relaunchSeriously DC Comics? You are relaunching everything 5 years after you did NEW 52?

First off, story wise I enjoy a lot of NEW 52. Conceptual wise I think re-number was a waste. Taking iconic series like Action Comics, Detective Comics, Superman, Batman and starting them over was a huge slap int he face to long time fans.

Personally, I would like DC and Marvel to just go back to the original numbering and LEAVE IT THE FUCK A LONE. Stop rebooting a series, or restarting the numbers because #1 issues sell better! Stop printing 5 variant covers for every fucking issue you print. Stop wasting my fucking time with UNIVERSE SPANNING bullshit that if I want the WHOLE STORY I have to buy EVERY FUCKING ISSUE you print over a 6 month period.

Tell me good Superman stories. Tell me good Batman stories. They don’t need to connect. Sure, once in a while cross them over. That’s cool. But you don’t need to have the Batman story, the Nightwing story and the Batgirl story be all part of one big overall story. Cause then single issues make no sense. Just tell good stories!

“Oh, but John, new #1’s are a great jumping on point!”

“fuck you, no they are not”

New #1’s just mean we will get an increase in sale from idiot collectors (be one to know one) and a million variant covers that are fucking useless, multiple printings (not because that many people are buying the book but because ‘investors’ buy multiples so the publisher things “people love this! Let’s print more!” so they do, then ‘investors’ ‘stores’ ‘collectors’ buy that shit too.)

I want to one day buy Action Comics #1,000 and more. By renumbering you loose the history. If you want a new #1 then make a new fucking series. Stop fucking with comics that are 50+ years old.


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