An interesting day this far… 2

So it’s only 8am and already today is turning out to be very interesting. Let’s see…It started with watching D.Bethel of eben07 drawing on his broadcast at about midnight or 1am or whatever time it was. Dan is WAY better at his craft then I and I was offended at how good he is. Offended in a good way that is.

Then I went to bed only to wake up to two boys that are super cranky and not wanting to listen to ANYTHING my wife or I said. To top THAT off, they where both hungry for breakfast (go figure, it was morning) and we had no milk, no eggs, nothing for breakfast. What kind of JERK drinks all the milk and eats all the eggs without getting more?? Shit, that was me. Keep in mind it was 7:30am at this point, my wife is supposed to leave for work at 7:30 and I had to run to the store to get milk for the little tikes.

So I get the milk, feed the kids and my wife is still here. Our 3year old begged her to stay home so she did! Fun times!

And now I just realized I have an ultrasound at 9am soooo I need to go. Why am I having an ultrasound? Because I’m pregnant.

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