well today,

first~we clear out an area for a new table, then a section of 3 bookshelves, metal, crush and crumble, buckle over and nearly kill my sister, they were holding about 3,000 books.

second~we bring up the new table, witch weights 250lbs, just the top, not counting the legs and shit, up the steep ass stairs, and its to big, so we have to move.

third~ we go to home depot to buy shelves for out book cases, wood ones, and they are fucking closed, since when did they stop being open 24 hours? bitches

fourth~its hot as fuck allday today, this is fucking washington, DAMNIT!!!!!!!

all and all, long day. i ended the day having pizza and cherry coke with tori, looking through her wonderful CD collection and borrowing 10 of them to, umm, listen to…

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