A girl named Jolene (or Jennelle or something)

A few nights ago a girl named Jolene (or Jennelle or something) and her 2 lesbian friends came into bowl. From moment one said girl was extremely and obviously flirting with me and was wearing what one would call a revealing shirt that showed off her ‘assets’. It was fun to say the least, I mean I am a guy and I do appreciate the delicateness of a good pair. Well they came in around 1:40am and left just moments before I left myself at 9:00am.

She would call the front desk on the phones (which is when you dial 221) just to talk. All in all it was pretty pleasant and I felt beautiful. Well, this went on all night as I said and like clockwork Angela came in at 7:00am and made this girl extremely jealous. The best part is Angela really didn’t do anything but look at this girl when she was up at the desk talking to me.

So this girl walks back down to the pool area and calls me on the pool hall courtesy phone and says “who’s that girl? Is she our girlfriend? Then why is she giving you those lovey googly eyes?” and so on. I told Angela this and immediately she wanted to just push her and act like we where together, I told her to just have fun since I really didn’t care. I say this because over the night I had learned various pieces of information about this girl, such information as she liked pot and various other drugs (she didn’t say any of this, but by observation it was apparent, dilated pupils and more), she had just broken up with her boyfriend, and other things.

All in all not a bad girl, just generally not my type, so I was totally ok with Angela’s game of one on one female battling. She talked to me a few more times, and would give Angela these mean looks which I thought was just special and she eventually ended up leaving with her lesbian friends who she had been kissing throughout the night. She works at Sizzler if anyone you are interested.

So Barbara (janitor girl) tells me that that girl Jennelle (or Jolene or something) or whatever was in here last night again looking for me. How Sweet. I feel so special and loved. Also Barbara told me she is a recovering meth addict, and OMFG people, that’s a BIG turn on for me. PSYKE! Ha, I haven’t used that phrase since 1991. Speaking of Janitor girl, she wants me to go see Narnia with her. I’ve been kind of avoiding the subject by saying I will be busy with the band and such, which is not entirely untrue since there is practice Friday, show Saturday and sleep as well as work in between, so I really don’t have time….plus I am seeing it Thursday with Sarah. She is getting less annoying, I don’t seem to mind her as much anymore, I would just prefer not to hang out with her outside of work at the present time. And the best part time I am totally witting this while she is standing here talking to me. In fact, she just asked “what are you writing?” to which I responded “bad stuff about you.” I love being honest.

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