A Fairy and Jeff’s house

So Angela asked me to draw her a fairy, so I did. I should make her pay me for it since I rather like it, and it reminds me of an Alex Ross pencil sketch, only not nearly as good.

So Jeffery Lynn put a bid in on a house down in Lake Symington that’s a three bedroom 1 ¾ bath with a two car garage that he says is, and I’m quoting here, “fucking nice”. It’s a HUD repo so it’s priced lower then its fair market value, which helps. It’s about a $230,000 house that he will hopefully get for $185,000 which will mean I will be paying around $350 a month rent. That’s not to bad, I’m pretty sure I can swing that. Things will be tight until I can find myself another part time job, but I will be putting in an application for Seabeck Pizza when I get home tonight so who knows, I might have one by the end of the month.

Oh, one last quick note, I’m down to 234lbs. I’m hoping to be under 230 before my birthday which is March 1st.


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