8/20/07 – Well shit on a shingle

Two posts in one day? by god I haven’t done this in a while. Why might you ask am I doing this?

For starters I got a call from my wife (I LOVE YOU!) that my sister is in the hospital for tummy pain. She is a couple months prego right now so this is a little scary. I myself am not too worried about it and am 99.9% confident that she and her unborn child will be fine, but it is scary non the less.

Next on the agenda of craptastic is the toilet at home upstairs overflowed and flooded the upstairs bathroom. So I get to rip out carpet tonight. And to top all that off it flooded so much that it seeped downstairs into our living room and soaked the floor. The best part is that the water came down through the outlet in the ceiling so hopefully we don’t get shocked to shit. I had Kaylie turn off the computer and unplug the power strip runs the entertainment center as a precaution.

So my nice easy night that I planned of going through trading cards and bullshitting just got turned into ripping out carpet and quite possibly getting pissed off.

On a good note I found this in my /crap folder

Drawn by Dylan, captioned by me.

I think it is mighty appropriate, to a degree.


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