8/17/07 – If I where in the Harry Potter universe, I would be Hagrid.

You will probably notice that a lot of my posts for awhile will be Harry Potter themed. This tends to happen when ever I get really interested in a series. It happened with Angel and Buffy, it happened with HG2G, and now Harry Potter. I’m sure it will happen again with the next set of books/movies/stories I get into. Deal with it.

Anyone ever wonder about what it would look like if Harry Potter teamed up with Superman to take out Nagini? Wonder no more!


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harry potter grave

harry potter grave

Comic that's not mine, but funny.

Comic that's not mine, but funny.

Someday I might get in trouble for posting other peoples comic strips, but I’m not claiming them as my own and until I am told differently, I will keep doing it.

The wife kids and I are going camping this weekend with the in-laws. Heading up to Cushman until Sunday. This means you won’t hear from me until probably Monday, but I might make a Sunday night post. I haven’t been camping in years… Possibly 10 years. Generally I am not one to give a fuck about camping, but with how much the wife is into it, for some reason it has gotten me into it as well. Oddly I am somewhat excited to go. I am not looking forward to sleeping like shit for two nights, getting annoyed with everyone. I am however looking forward to eating what the wonderful food that Bo is going to be cooking and spending some quality time with the family away from the computer and TV.

Although I REALLY REALLY want to spend a month sitting in front of my computer and just work on the Memoirs Project, I know some time away from the stress of everything will be nice. The last time the wife and I got away from the stress was our honeymoon and THAT was an amazing few days. I know this camping trip will be nothing like that, but in a way it will be similar in the fact that we will be away from the worries of work and bills. We will be able to just relax together as a family and in general fuck around.

Right now I am having what is not quite a moral dilemma, just sort of a dilemma about who I don’t want to read my blogs and more importantly my comic strip. You see, if you all remember well enough back to when I was doing the strip a lot (which I WILL get back into doing at least once a week) I have these characters called the ‘Jesus Triplets’. I myself have no problem at all with this concept and find it extremely hilarious and a good set of characters to play with. However, my wifes grandma would not find this funny in any way (she offered to give me $20 cash to give her my ‘Jesus says “Don’t be a dick”‘ t-shirt so she could burn it). And in general I do not care if I offend people (I’m not out to offend, only to make people laugh(and well all know I do the strip stickily to make 4 people laugh)) I would hate to have her think I am some god-hating heathen. My Jesus Triplets are only to poke fun, not to offend. And if anyone could take a joke, it’s Jesus. Maybe I will take my drawing pad and draw some strips up. Yeah, I like t hat plan. Thoughts?

I think I am going to write up the way I would have written Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for you all.


as told if J Horsley III was the author.

Harry, Ron and Hermione where on the run from Lord Voldemort when Hermione was going on and fucking on about bullshit no one cares about. Harry turns to Hermione.

“Oh lay off it you! All we hear from you is shit bitch shit! Can’t you for once sto…”

At that very moment a speeding semi truck came out of nowhere and mowed Harry down, snapping his head clean off his body and killing him instantly.

“Bloody hell!” screeched Ron.

“HARRY!!!!!” cried Hermione, like a bitch.

The semi turned around half a mile down the road and came driving back past Ron and Hermione, and as it passed they saw the driver of the truck was none other than The Dark Lord himself, Voldemort!

“A truck? What kind of wizard uses a truck?” exclaimed Ron.

“The kind…” the Dark Lord began to talk in his high snake like voice. “That wants the job done, and magic seems to just do fuck all to Potter!”

They all lived in shit and turmoil because Harry was hit by a fucking truck.


So the wife and I are thinking of names for our baby to be. If it’s a boy the name will be J N Horsley IV naturally. So we don’t get to be creative there, but that’s ok. If it is a girl however, we get to use our creativity for the name. Right now I want to name our baby girl

Zlhna Anne Marie Lila Louise Alexandria Horsley

Kaylie thinks it’s to long, but I love the way it rolls off the tongue. (Zlhna is pronounced like Lana with a Z in front of it)
Here is a break down of why I want to many names

Zlhna – Because its a pretty name

Ann – Kaylie picked this one, I think because it is her grandma’s mothers name (correction, it’s her Aunt’s middle name)

Marie – this is Kaylie and her mom’s middle name

Lila – this was my grandma’s (my mom’s mom) name

Louise – This is my mothers name

Alexandria – This is just a beautiful name

And after all of that, IF my wife will agree to naming our child this, we will call her ‘Allie’.

I think I am done for today. I will have a nice post about our camping trip and maybe something special on Monday!


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