8/09/07 – Leg licking Pains

My wife is so flippin’ adorable. She’s been calling me at work because she misses me. She has called twice now and I have only been at work for an hour and a half. It is still hard to believe I found someone like her. *insert total man-gayness rant about how perfect his wife is for him and how he never thought someone could complete him. Yadda Yadda*


Man, I had beans and Franks last night and boy-howdy was that yummy to the maxor. The only issue I am having with my choice of culinary eats from the night before today is that I have shit at least a dozen times since last night and now my asshole is so raw it hurts to sit down. My army for some butt-cream.


How fucking cool is this?

Man if i had the time, the money and, well let us be honest here, the brains, I would build one of these.
Only I would use it for Root Beer, since I am one of those pussy non-drinkers.
(again, stolen from Ninjaguydan


So I guess NASA and BMW are making some Hydrogen cars.
“One hundred BMW Hydrogen 7s have been built, and 25 are used in test programs in the US. The cars have already covered more than 1.3 million miles in test programs around the globe” read more here (stolen from slashdot



Yeah, I didn’t do shit on it last night. I am hoping to get something done tonight. These updates are more for me to keep myself noted on what I have done. And if any of you care, then hey its a free upate!


Nothing to report.


On a parting note, my legs hurt.


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