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You know what is a really great feeling? When you take a well deserved large and in charge shit, that’s feels great. Do you know what ruins this wonderful feeling? That when you do it at work and when you get out you find someone has been waiting at the front desk for you to open up a drawer to lock their till into. And then your fellow employees give you a bunch of shit (no pun intended) about it. Oh well, it was still a good one and I stand by it (literally, it was 7 feet tall and I named it Jamal.)


There is this security guard here named Jessica here who calling skinny is like the pot calling the kettle black. She makes Calista Flockhart look like she has an eating problem in the other way. Ok, that one was a little over board, but she is extremely skinny is all I’m trying to say. Well tonight she asked me out on a date. She asked in that ‘I’m kidding if you say no but if you want to then I’m not’ sort of way. She’s nice and all but no. Hopefully she doesn’t bring it up again. That’s all I have to say about that.


Have I ever mentioned how I just LOVE it when my boss talks to me for 20 minutes AFTER I have clocked off and have already WAITED 15 minutes after I was supposed to be off because she is CONSTANTLY late and blames me for SOMEONE ELSES mistake? And the fact that when I try to explain to her that it wasn’t me and I wasn’t even there that night she just keeps talking? Man, so much fun. This is all about the till being off on a drop. She got upset with me because I asked to see where I was off on count, mainly so I could not do it again and partially because I knew it was bullshit. Well the day I was supposedly off was on her Friday Morning count on the 17th. I don’t work on Thursday’s, Kip does so there is NO way it was me. In fact I REMEMBER James telling me Saturday morning when I asked why the till was so much off he told me that Kip was off $500 the night before. But would my boss listen to me saying this to her? No, no she wouldn’t. I honestly wanted to slap her and tell her to shut the fuck up and let me talk. I could tirade on this some more but honestly it doesn’t matter since I will be transferring soon and I don’t really give a shit about what she has to say. Don’t get me wrong I still like my boss off the clock, just not as a boss.



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