Batman Begins on DVD 4

so today Batman Begins came out on DVD. Naturally i bought the 2 disc special edition with the comic.
I also picked up the 1943 Batman movie serial that I’ve been wanting to see since i was 12.
He-Man season one was released today, didn’t have enough money for it but ohhhhh i will buuuuy iiiitttt.
The Adventures of Superman Season 1 came out today as well, which i will pick up tomorrow. Or rather have Sarah buy for me with her discount. It’s the 1953 TV show staring George Reeves, can’t WAIT to watch that shit again.
also Thundercats Season 1 is out and i need it.
gah, soooo much.
oh, and the Elekrta Directors Cut is out too.
i need more hours, haha

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