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xjhorsley3x: sometimes i feel like i am covered in bugs
xjhorsley3x: and its annoying
garret_from_29: what
garret_from_29: really?
xjhorsley3x: yeah
xjhorsley3x: well not covered
xjhorsley3x: but i feel like bugs are crawling on me
garret_from_29: haha
garret_from_29: dude
xjhorsley3x: but, i mean, they really could, i could just be a dirty bastard
garret_from_29: you drinking acid straight from the vial again?
garret_from_29: hahahah
garret_from_29: you need people to hang out with you more
garret_from_29: you’re going crazy
xjhorsley3x: garret
xjhorsley3x: i am crazy
xjhorsley3x: i have been crazy since i was 5
xjhorsley3x: hanging out with people is only going to get me commited

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