4nov07 – hospitals, kates and fight club OH MY 3


Chuck Norris once lost the remote, but maintained control of the TV by yelling at it in between bites of his “Filet of Child” sandwich.

Today was eventful…to say the least. It started out fine. Kodi woke up all cute like and cuddled. Jakob slept in until almost 10am. We went up to my dad’s house and he made us all breakfast. I went to go upstairs to get some emails answers and then head out to the gym and get our work out on. Sadly this did not happen. Kaylie started to hurt so we went home.

I then did some work on my computer which has decided that it would be a fun idea to reset if you touch it. This can not be good. I took it apart and put it on the bench to run some tests. It’s not an HDD thing i know this, so it’s either a case thing or a mother board thing. Either way, I will find out on monday. I am going to take it in to work and work on it there. Have my boss take a look at it. I think it might be a short in the case or something. On any account come the end of the week we will have a working computer that should work better then before it’s resetting madness.

My lovely wife was still hurting at this point so we went to get Kate’s Jersey Subs (in Manette, they are yummy) then after she ate it go to the Hospital to have her looked out. Now there was a possability that we could of had an ultrasound and maybe find out what the sex of the baby is. Unfortunalty for us Kaylie told the doctor she had one at 7 weeks to determine that the pregnancy was not eptopic, so we didn’t get one tonight. Sadness. Oh well, we will just wait until Thursday and find out. So look forward to Thursdays post if YOU want to know ( and I know you do you nosey people).

To end a long story since I am getting bored of this and watching Fight Club, we went to my parents house, played Scene it and then stole the laptop so I would have something to write this on and could play tonight.


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