30nov07 – Nazi Car Dealerships 3

The Bible was originally titled “Chuck Norris and Friends

Yesterday when I got off work I went home and the misses and I took the kids up to my parents house because we had an apointment at West Hills Honda to discuss trading out of our Carolla into something cheaper. We told them all we wanted was something cheap, ran well and got good gas milliage and could lower our payments to the $150-$200 range. We worked with this cool guy names LT at first and then with this lady Macia who actually showed us the cars. I have to give LT credit, he didn’t try to puch us up on collar value to earn more money. He really did try to shows us only cars that would work and that where in the price range. Most of them being in the lower end of what would work not work us up and try to sell us a $14,000 car when we only needed and wanted a $7,000 car.

We found a little Mazda Protege that would work out decently well for what we wanted but it was a little above out comfort zone but still in the acceptable zone price wise. We decided to hold off on working through the numbers to see if we could find a car we liked better that fit our price a little better and what not. We thanked LT and Marcia for being great and not pushy and went on our way.

We made the horrible mistake however of stopping by the PARR Volkswagon dealership to see if they had any old Passat‘s or Jetta‘s we could get into for cheap. Well we worked with this guy named Alex, who was pretty cool. He was Russian and we ended up having dinner with him. He showed us some cars and we told him ‘Nothing over $10,000’ We edned up test driving this pretty nice 2002 Jetta that we really liked and we where told it would work with what we wanted.

Well, after waiting for 3 or 4 FUCKING hours for them to run some numbers, mind you we told them ‘our current payment is $310, we want the new payment $150-$200. If you can’t do that then we just need to go home because this is a waste of our time. We couldn’t even get a price on the Jetta because they just got it.

So after being there from 4:30 until after 9:00pm they give as an offer. Keep in mind we told them flat out ‘OUR PAYMENTS ARE CURRENTLY $310 A MONTH AND WE WANT TO LOWER THEM’ and ‘NO MONEY DOWN, YOU ARE GETTING A BETTER CAR’ They said they understoon this. I guess they did not.

Their returning offer? we give them $3,000 down, they give us $8,500 for our $14,000 car and we pay them $309 a month.
Take a moment to breath that in.

They did lower our car payment…one fucking dollar. Of course to do this we have to give them $3,000 down. I wouldn’t bee so ass hurt about this if we didn’t sit in their COLD AS FUCK dealer room for THREE FUCKING hours. We seriously felt ass raped with no lube. I honestly felt insulted at that point. We got up, said ‘yeah, that doesn’t work. AT ALL.’ and left.
I like getting new cars but I HATE the process.
I still want a Jetta though. Fucking Nazis.

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