…………. 12

well, i was happy, untill i just made a very long post, then it didnt send, so i lost everything i typed, grrrr

ok im ok, ill try and remember what i said.

today was pretty good, i played baseball with my sister and 5 year old nephew, so it was fun. i also spent a lot of time doing handstands, so im very sore, i thinkmy longest is 3 seconds, i rule!!!!!! god thats hard

i went over to stellas house last night with thea(my girlfriend), havnt seen her in a while, shes so cool. ive known her for like 4 1/2 years now i think. i use to have the biggest crush on her, but everyone knows that, i think she even does, lol.

well i dont want to retype the rest, it wasnt important.

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