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So now I have to watch what I say here somewhat since people at work have come up to me and told me they have been reading my posts. In it self its ok, but I tend to talk a lot of shit about people there and I would rather avoid that confrontation when it comes, and I know it will. I also need to watch what I say since I am security now and if I say the wrongs things about events that happen at the bowl I’m out of a job, so that kind of sucks. No worries though I will divulge what I can to you faithful readers.

So I don’t know if I have mentioned her before here but there is this girl at work named Kate that I totally have a crush on right now. Like a big time OMFG type of crush on. The only problem is that she is dating some navy guy who treats her like shit. She knows he treats her like shit too but she is still with him. He is moving to Texas in a month and wants her to go with him, so far she isn’t all for that idea so here’s to hoping she doesn’t go and ends up single! I partly feel bad for hoping this, because I’m not one to wish unrest unto another, especially one so awesome as her, but I will make an exception because her boyfriend is a jerk.

One thing that sort of sucks with me working security and not the front desk is that I don’t have any time to sit and type up updates anymore while I am at work. Just means I have to make time at home, but as you have seen I haven’t really been able to do that regularly considering this is my first real post since I transferred.

Let me explain to you a little about my old job. Working the front desk you handle all customers in the bowl. Easy enough, especially on graveyard when on a busy night you have less then half the house going and most nights no more then 10 lanes. When someone leaves without paying it’s called a walk out. When I worked graveyard I constantly had to call in walk outs for the people who worked the shift before me because they either wouldn’t notice them or just didn’t care and left them. In the four months I worked graveyard, and the 5 months I worked at the front desk, I NEVER had a walk out on my shifts. In fact I caught several people trying to walk out, but never had anyone actually leave without paying. Now on the graveyard shift it’s pretty easy not to have walk outs because there isn’t a lot going on and you just pay attention. The guy that I trained to replace me when I transferred has worked the front desk for roughly 2 weeks and has already had TWO walk outs on his shift. And one of them was on a lane that is RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DESK! Amazing.
Moving on

So yeah, just got home from work and Kate is awesome. Damn her having a boyfriend.


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