CMT, Tips and a hot chick

So CMT did a top 100 country music videos of all time today and guess who was on top? Yup, it was Johnny Cash’s video for ‘Hurt’. Being a giant Cash fan this makes me proud. I don’t really have anything else to say about it, I just thought I would mention it.

So I have read some pretty bad reviews about Date Movie but I’m pretty sure I’m still going to go see it. I think I will ask Thea to go with me, since I really want to hang out with her more and what a better way then seeing a movie? I’m trying to figure out how she feels about me. I’m 85% sure that she wants to re-kindle our relationship and start over after three years apart. She did use the words ‘Well, maybe we can mend it’ in reference to when we dated. It just sucks because she is busy right now and we havn’t been able to hang out. More on this later.

So far tonight at work has been fucking awesome. I was 12 minutes late, but that’s not the awesome part. After I got here these guys wanted to bowl and one was an employee, I put them on lane 10 but they wanted to be on lane 36. I informed them that that side of the house was closed down for the night and one of the guys offers me $20 to put them on lane 36. I smiled and said ‘you wouldn’t give me $20 for that.’ His response was “$30 then.” I told him to show me the $30 and he put a 10 and a 20 on the counter. I promptly gave them lane 36 and took the money. The truth was that side wasn’t closed down I just don’t like to give it out.

It gets better. Later this guy and girl come in and from the moment they arrive the girl starts to flirt with me like there’s no tomorrow. She’s a little drunk, but I would like to think that that had nothing to do with why she was flirting with me. She was very pretty, so that made it even better. She told me the vitals outright, that she is 25, single and so on and talked to me a bunch ignoring the guy she was with. A little later she put her arm around me and rubbed my back a little then kept putting her arm locked in my arm. Eventually she wanted to go look in the casino and dragged me with her (I wasn’t complaining) by holding my hand. We went around the casino, hand in hand, and she asked all the dealers about each game. I got some interesting looks from Dwayne and Krystal. Dwayne just looked at me and laughed, it was a good moment. I should just stop the story here, so it looks like I’m a pimp or something, but that would be a lie. The story ends with her making out with the guy she was with and sitting on his lap. Mind you she was flirting with me right in front of him. It doesn’t really bother me at all, I just liked the attention though she did flirt heavily with me again before she left. I will be surprised if I ever see her in here again, oh well it was fun.

The night gets even better from here. Romeo (a regular bowler here) came into bowl around 4:45am and brought me some homemade lumpia that his wife made. I took it to the kitchen and fried it up and oh boy is it delicious.

I’m also writing a song called
“The Beard of Chuck Norris is a Might Unpredictable and will Strike Down in a Rain of Fire on a Moments Notice” (the title is partially inspired by Firefly.)


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