Fatness and bowling 5

There are these guys bowling on 13 and 14 right now, fucking belligerent drunk bastards. Right now they are making some ridiculous toast to something I don’t understand and chugging a beer. It’s not really annoying or anything, just sort of funny. One of them has a blonde mop for hair like some mid 90’s Californian surfer and that makes me laugh the most of all. Of course I’m sitting back here looking ever so suave crappy jeans, a work shirt and hair with a hat covering it because I’m to lazy to comb it. Have to beat the ladies off with a stick (and that could be a double meaning if you think hard enough on it).

Ryan, Jeremy, Robbi and Nick are all here bowling on 15 and 16, it’s good to see them all. Though I get the sneaking suspicion that Robbi has no idea who I am, that’s ok it’s not like I really matters I know who he is and that’s what counts. Oh yeah, Spidercrack is here as well looking and doing things one would expect Spidercrack to be saying and doing. As always good to see those bastards, I should really hang out with them sometime only I don’t drink so that makes it a little hard (possibly another double meaning).

Back to the beer chugging of the first paragraph, around this time of night, which is 1:31am, you see a trend. You see everyone with alcohol start to chug it regardless of how much is left because they know that in less then 15 minutes it will be taken away. Seeing guys down a pitcher of beer as fast as they can is always humorous, especially when they pour all over themselves.

I started working on the background drawing for Garret and Jesusliving room. The drawing it self is almost done but I fear I have just as much time to spend on it in Photoshop as I spent on it getting the drawing portion done. That’s ok since I’m taking my time and only have to do it once. Well, once for each living place and room, haha. I was going to scan it and share it but I think I will save it until it’s finished since it’s just a boring room.

So I went to Fred Myer today to see if they had any new Johnny Cash CDs, which they had this three disc set of all the Sun recordings from 1955-1958 for $15 that I was going to buy but I got side tracked. You see as I was perusing the CDs looking at which Cure albums they had Thea came walking out of the backroom. You might remember her as the girl I wrote a book about last month. Well she said hello and we chatted it up for a good 15-20 minutes, and at one part in the conversation she asked me if I wanted to hang out next Wednesday. My response was ‘hell yes’ hopefully that didn’t come across to desperate and lame, haha. She looked good too. Anyway, it was a good conversation and I am looking forward to Wednesday to hang out with her, it’s just to bad I was dressed like shit and tired as hell while I was talking to her.

Speaking of dress, I noticed today that I was wearing a t-shirt I got in 11th grade, that’s seven years ago for those keeping track. Also I was wearing a hat (which I am actually wearing right now) that I got in 10th grade (eight years ago) a jacket that Mike got in high school that he gave me a few years ago (so that’s at least 10 years old) and pants I got shortly after I graduated (5 or 6 years old). I thought this was interesting. Then I thought I really need to get some new clothes and get rid of the old crap I have. Well I wont get rid of the hat, I love this hat with all me heart, but the shirt can go and probably the jacket as well, it’s a nice jacket but the pockets are all ripped up and it has some paint on it and shit. I also have many other clothes just as old, in fact I have a pair of shorts from 7th grade (12 years ago) that I oddly enough STILL fit into. What does this mean? This means that I was a size 38 in 7th grade. Holy shit I was a big kid.

After that I went to PC Parts and Service to ask them a question about one of my power supplies that has been making an annoying clicking noise. His answer was basically what I already figured, the only way to fix it is to take the power supply apart and find what’s making it click then put it back together and hope it doesn’t fry your motherboard. I chose option B which was skip all that and buy a new power supply. So now I have a brand new 550w power supply in my art computer and it runs like a champ, nice and silent. Best part is it was actually cheaper then the Aspire one that was supposed to be all fancy and shit, cheaper by about $20. Although I was reminded of one really annoying thing about this computer when I moved it today, its really really fucking heavy.

I found out today that Jeff’s house closes on the 30th of this month, so that’s when he gets the keys and we can move in. I also found out that the room I will be moving into has it’s own door leading into one of the bathrooms. This is pretty cool since I will finally be able to get out of the shower, dry off then go into my room naked. It’s odd but I’ve been wanting to do that for YEARS now and haven’t been able to. Seems silly but when you have been spending the last 5 years having to put shoes on to be able to go to the bathroom and shower, the thought of people able to wake up ad take a shit without shoes, pants or even underwear is a great thought. I also look forward to living without my parents and being able to tell people when they ask “so where you living?” I don’t have to explain with my parents but not in their house. That will be a great feeling. The worst thing is I know I probably shouldn’t move out, because I know I can’t afford it, but I still am because I think for my sanity I just really need to. I’m really starting to feel down about myself for being almost 24 years old and still at home with mommy and daddy.

The down side of this is that Dylan isn’t moving in so there is an open room and I really don’t want some jackass I don’t know living there. I would prefer someone I know and trusted to live in the third room since I do tend to have a lot of valuable things that I would hate to see walked off with or destroyed. I do plan on putting a keyed lock on my door and possibly on the bathroom door leading into my room as well to help ease my mind. I’m sure who ever moves in will be fine, I’m just paranoid. Anyway, if anyone needs a place to live its $350 a month plus utilities and you would be living with half of Damn The Cow.


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5 thoughts on “Fatness and bowling

  • robbi_is_sxe

    haha, i have actually known you (not personally) for a long time, i’d watch some of your old bands play shows back in the day. suprisingly enough, im actually pretty shy. i’ll be there next thursday, i’ll make sure to say hi.
    oh and those people that are on 13 and 14, those are our co-workers, front of the house of course, hehe.

    • avgs

      haha, amazing, i was conviced you had no idea who i was. hehm you actually remember the old bands i was in?
      i figured they where something like that, the bleached blonde guy almost got kicked out for hurling the ball half way down the lane, haha.

      • ryanstrong

        Amazingly enough, that was my old friend, Bryton, who I kept sparse contact with over the years, and got a job at Silver City when he moved back here from Huntington Beach, California.
        We have very little to talk about nowadays.