y2cl2point0 and some memories.

Seeing as how I am Calvin’s best man at his wedding I haven thinking a lot about him recently. I’ve been remembering a lot of the things we used to do, and still do today, and I realized him and I have been through a whole hell of a lot. We used to sneak out of his parents house to walk down to Fred Myer and Subway at night, for no real reason other then to be out and smoke. I remember the first time I went over to his house, back when he still lived in Seabeck ad the first thing I noticed was that he had a Sega Genesis with Sonic the hedgehog and I remember being extremely jealous of him because my parents never bought me a Genesis nor Sonic. I’ve really been thinking about what I will say in my ‘best man’ speech…whether I should write one out or just speak what comes. I guess I’ll figure it out later.

So yesterday I mentioned ‘y2cl2pointO’ and some of you might be wondering what the hell I was talking about. Well, allow me to shed a little light on the subject for you. Come strip 199 I will be taking some time off from the strip to completely revamp it. “Time off?” you say. “You have posted strips consistently for MONTHS!” you say. Yes, I know. What I mean is that the strip as it is now will end and a new one will start with strip 200. Why am I doing this? Well I am tired of the strip being so random and not making any sense. “But that’s what makes it funny!” you say. Don’t worry, the randomness will still be there, just in a more uniformed way to make for a better strip. This isn’t George Lucas re-editing Star Wars here, this is more like Peter Jackson remaking King King, only on a significantly smaller budget.

Some things you will see in ‘y2cl2pointO’ is consistent backgrounds and more then one place where the characters live, instead of them all in one house. I plan to actually take some time and draw up some layouts for each characters living quarters (some will live together) and draw up some detailed backgrounds for each place, sort of like what they do on cartoons so you don’t have to re-draw everything each panel. I also plan on splitting the characters up a little, in the way of giving them all living arrangements with other characters and giving each character a job, to give them more of an appeal and depth. I might even revamp some of the character designs to make them look better and adapt it all to my new comic drawing style (i.e. the ‘WIRE’ drawing I posted last time (found here)). I figure if I can get pre-rendered backgrounds to use for the strip that look good, I can spend more time making the actually characters look better, which takes less time then the backgrounds anyway, and get more strips done at a faster pace.

The real reason why I haven’t been getting strips done is that they take me so long to do these days, since I started making them look more professional like a comic book. If I had backgrounds pre-done, drawn and colored ready to go, then I could just draw the figures, color them then piece it together and letter it in probably half the time I spend on a strip right now, or less. I mean some of the most recent strips have taken me easily 10 hours to complete, if not more. I would like to cut that down to like 2-4 hours per strip and since I’m beginning to do the strips more professional like I would like to be able to turn them out on a weekly basis with no interruptions. Anyway, I’ll update you more on the change over and give you some previews of the backgrounds once I have some finished.

oh and if anyone cares I am down to 226lbs! 268lbs in August to 226lbs in January. 42 in 5 months, not bad if I say so myself.


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