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I would like to say publicly say “FUCK THE WOCHOWSKI BROTHERS.” With that said, let us talk about the new movie that is coming out called “V for Vendetta” staring Agent Smith from the Matrix as V and some other bitch as the lead female role (I forget her name and I refuse to look it up when I get home) and directed by those infernal Wochowski Brothers. You ask “But sir! They directed the Matrix! They can not be that bad! Can they?” ohh I would answer you with “oh but you forget they directed ‘Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions and those my friend where so bad I wanted to shoot myself.” I now know why Alan Moore (the hermit looking man who wrote the comic book mini series in which this movie is based on) openly opposes this movie and says people should not see it. Granted he says that about EVERY movie based on one of his stories, but I do think this one is warranted. Granted the comic of the same name wasn’t that good and Alan Moore has many many other stories that are so much better in almost every sense that could be adapted to film *cough*Watchmen*cough*, but giving it to the Wochowski Brothers is like giving the Goldeneye mission to Austin Powers. You ask will I go see this movie in theaters? Well yeah, it is a comic book movie and it does look better then Catwoman (the only recent comic to film adaptation I have yet to see besides Elektra(which I missed purely because of no time to see it in theaters at the time)). All I can do is PRAY that it is better then the Matrix sequels and that the Wochowski Brothers can redeem themselves a little.

Keeping on the same movie vein topic here next May and June should prove to be a giant couple of months for movies, just as November and December where for this year. We have X-Men 3, The Da Vinci Code, Superman Returns, Underworld 2, and others I can’ think of right now.

X-Men 3 I was a little leery about since Singer isn’t at the helm but after seeing the trailer and seeing Angel open his wings I almost nutted in my fan boy pants. My only concern is if Alan Cummings is returning as Nightcrawler or not, even if only in a small part. I did notice Storm is in it with short hair which looks fucking rad compared to the long hair she had prior and I don’t know if it is Haley Barry or not (I am writing this away from the internet and will check when I get home).

The Da Vinci Code looks good even though it has Tom “I was in The Ladykillers and that movie was so incredibly bad I should shoot myself” Hanks in it. I will defiantly be seeing it, but not opening day or anything.

Superman returns…yeah I will be there opening day opening showing at midnight for this. I will probably even wait in line for it if I have to. I mean come on, it’s fucking Superman! With Bryan “Usual Suspects and X-Men” Singer at the helm it holds nothing but promise for me. The only thing I am a little leery about is Kevin Spacey in the role of Lex Luther, but I do have faith in Singer and would like to believe he wouldn’t have cast him if he wasn’t right for the part. And Spacey is an excellent actor who I believe would possibly play any role that is given to him. I do like that they cast an unknown in the title role, only I think he might not be built up enough for it. I’m not saying Superman should be a giant, but he should be intimidating when you look at him. Then again finding an actor with a realistic Superman type build that can actually act would be damn near impossible. Also, with the recent success of Batman Begins this year and the projected success of Superman Returns, one can hope that down the line a few years is a possible Batman/Superman cross-over movie. The sheer thought of this makes my fan-boy pants tingle with delight.

This is something that has bothered me about all the Marvel Super-Hero movies that have come out since 1996, they ALL take place in New York (with the exception of The Hulk I suppose), yet they NEVER mention each other. New York is not that fucking big and don’t you think if Doc Oc is really running a muck like he did in the last Spider-Man movie that maybe Daredevil or at least one of the X-Men would maybe show up to help? Or just maybe be seen in passing? All these movies take place in the same universe, there should be at least some mention of the other heroes. Even if they don’t actually show up just give a little shout out to them so we as fans know they are there. So logistically and economically for the studio it’s not feasible for Spidey to show up and help Wolverine kick some Magneto ass because paying Tobey to be in an X-Men flick would probably cost way to much, but at least have Wolvie mention him, or realistically have a character that actually likes Spidey in the comics mention him. Like “hey should we call ol’ web head on this?” or something you know. Studios get so uptight with their money. Also, with Marvel shopping ALL their franchises out to the highest bidding studio makes this even less likely.

Which brings me to my next topic, why I think in the long run the DC comic book movies have the potential to be far greater in scheme then their Marvel counterparts. All the DC films will be housed under one studio, Warner Brothers, which gives them the ability to have crossovers, to have them mention other super-heroes in a film. And since all the movies are under one studio it would really make it easy to do a Justice League movie in a few years after the release the Batman sequels, a few Superman films a Wonder Woman Film and possibly a Green Lantern or Flash film and still use the actors and actresses in the Justice League film. That should be a silent part of all the main characters of these DC films contracts, that if it comes to it they will reprise their role in a Justice League film and not ask for $50 bagillion for it either. If Warner Brothers did this, and made a really good Justice League film I guarantee I would make so much more money then the X-Men films, possibly combined. The X-Men films just prove you can make a team super-hero movie and make it work, and since the Justice League is so much more iconic and on such a grander level it would be so fucking awesome. You also wouldn’t have to do any origin stories for the main characters since that would be taken care of by their respected films that came out prior to the team movie. This will probably never happen because of actors wanting to much money, but god damnit it would rule.

Underworld 2 looks great just because Kate Beckensale is so fucking hot in her outfit it would be a crime NOT to see it. I expect you all to do the same thing. Oh and Bloodrayne is coming out next year, which looks hot. It will probably suck but hot chick with razor arms killing Nazi zombies, I’ll buy that.

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